Chincoteague is known as an incredibly accessible destination for mid-Atlantic residents. However, one aspect of the island has never been very accessible: its sidewalks. Old, cracked, and crumbling, the island’s sidewalks in the historic downtown district are in need of some serious work. Starting in June of 2018, that’s exactly what they’ll get.

A $400,000 sidewalk improvement project is slated to begin in mid-June of 2018. The amount represents nearly one third of the $1.5 million U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services Multi-Modal Transportation Enhancement grant awarded to the island. The project will work to extend previous renovations done to improve sidewalks in the pedestrian-heavy historic downtown district. In particular, this work will replace sidewalks on both sides of the street on portions of Main Street and Maddox Boulevard—popular pedestrian thoroughfares. The areas include Main Street from Church Street to Maddox Boulevard and Maddox Boulevard from Main Street to Deep Hole Road.

The new sidewalk areas will include a 10-foot run of brick pavers every 150 feet in order to retain cohesion with the existing sidewalks. The new areas will also include ADA-compliant features, and work will be done in sections—around 100 to 120 feet per day.

The contract includes a stipulation that no work will be done on Fridays, Saturdays, or Sundays during the summer months, or during Pony Penning week and the 4th of July. This stipulation was included to prevent the impact on residents, who will not be able to use their driveways for periods of time.

Harvey Spurlock, public works director for the town of Chincoteague, with Misty’s famous cemented hoofprints. The slab of concrete was moved to a secret location while sidewalks in the downtown area are being replaced. Photo by Jennifer Cording.


  1. Did they have any public meetings about this development? I know the project is pretty small, but I still feel like the public should have known about it sooner.

  2. Sure it’s inconvenient, but that stretch of road has been needing it for years. I’ll gladly sacrifice my driveway for a day to make a safer walking path.

  3. Not able to use their driveways? I’d ask for more than scheduling help… that sounds like an opportunity for some monetary compensation if you know what I mean

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