Blue skies, blue water, bluefish, blue crabs, bluegrass, and blueberries. Life on Chincoteague Island appears to be a celebration of things blue, and at the heart of that celebratory spirit is the Chincoteague Center.

In April, when the yards of Chincoteague are wearing a froth of wisteria blue, the Chincoteague Center presents the annual Daffodil Festival, a home, garden, and art show featuring exhibitors from all over the Eastern Shore.

April also sees the first of Chincoteague’s series of annual Bluegrass concerts. The Chincoteague Island Bluegrass Alliance, since 2003, has partnered with the Chincoteague Center. The IBA is a non-profit donation-and-fundraiser-supported coalition dedicated to preserving the Bluegrass musical tradition of Virginia’s Eastern Shore. During the spring and summer of each year they host a series of three concerts at the Chincoteague Center. Popular bluegrass performers provide great music, and special effects, door prizes, and the friendly atmosphere provide great fun!

July in Chincoteague is almost universally regarded as Pony Penning and Auction month, but the weekend prior to that momentous event is devoted to another celebration of blue. This time accolades are for the American blueberry, and the Chincoteague Center is the site of the 3-day Chincoteague Island Blueberry Festival. The festival draws not only blueberry lovers but artists and crafters from Pennsylvania and all over the Delmarva Peninsula.

Blue heron, blue-winged teal ducks, blue jays, and Eastern bluebirds all show up at the Chincoteague Center for the end-of-summer Chincoteague Decoy Carvers Association Show, where two dozen of the area’s most talented wood carvers exhibit their decoys. Many of the works are sold, with proceeds benefiting the Chincoteague Library and scouting organizations.

Finally, the lobby of the Center is proud to display, during the holiday season, The Tree of Heroes, a red-white-and-blue festooned tribute on which the townspeople can place photos of their relatives or friends who are on active duty in the US military. They can also stop and place gifts in two large “Santa Bags” so that the Island’s less fortunate kids won’t have a “blue” Christmas.

The Roxy is just one of Chincoteague’s cultural treasures protected by the efforts of the Cultural Alliance. So why not support their members with a visit to the 2nd Saturday Art Stroll?

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