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The history of water fowl carving can be traced many generations. Decoys have always been a necessary tool for hunters to attract their prey. In recent years there has been a significant trend toward the appreciation of the artistic value of these beautiful creations.

Decoys, Decoys, Decoys of Chincoteague Virginia is the museum-like home to 90 talented carvers. It resembles a museum except for free admission and the art work is for sale. Vacationers, art-lovers and hunters can appreciate the richness of Chincoteague Island’s wildlife by viewing the 1500 decoys on display.

All the decoys are hand crafted with no two decoys exactly the same. The artists may spend weeks or months on one carving creating a one of a kind piece. “Wood grain is so important,” claims owner Yvonne Bowden. “Sometimes the grain is so beautiful the artist won’t paint it because it’s all the effect the carving requires.”

Although the shop has plenty of hunters who count on the decoys for their original purpose, Decoys, Decoys, Decoys has a large clientele interested in the decorative value of the pieces.  People from all over visit our shop to buy decoys to display in their home. Ducks in a variety of forms have become popular decorating accessories in recent years. With so many carvings to choose from shoppers can find a style to fit every decorating taste.

Decoys, Decoys, Decoys is located on Chincoteague Island, stop in for a visit on your next vacation. Turn right at the stop light when you come onto the island and the shop will be the second building on the right.

For further information, call (757) 336-1402.


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